Mobile and cloud clinical documentation solutions for a digital NHS

Cloud services to let clinicians go anywhere

If you want to increase your level of care, clinical documentation should be as mobile as your clinicians. Nuance provides a suite of tools in the cloud that go wherever they’re needed, from the consultation room to the lab to the car.

Cloud Services features and benefits

Clinical documentation—without limitation

From portability to reliability, there are hundreds of reasons to consider Nuance’s cloud and mobile medical solutions. Here are six of the most popular ones.


of CIOs rate portability as a top benefit of cloud solutions

Doctors on the move need tech that keeps up
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Cloud Solutions
supporting the paperless NHS

Making the rounds

The role of cloud solutions within the UK’s healthcare sector

The Mobile Clinician

Why mobile and cloud?

The role of cloud solutions within the UK’s healthcare sector

Chief Information Officers and IT specialists in the healthcare sector are seeking alternatives to software that is installed on local computers and which are physically on the premises. Here are three good reasons to chose Nuance cloud services for clinical speech recognition and

medical transcription:


EPR usability

Enable the clinical workforce to change the way they work without distracting them and improve the working environment of the NHS workforce we are relying on.


User experience

If you talk with clinicians, they’ll discuss workflow, patient care, accuracy of information— they care less about the technology, app or widget that will give it to them.


Cost & resources

Eliminate the hidden costs of on-premises software, and the risk of locally installed system availability, that could go down on any given day, and if you’re lacking in IT personnel due to sickness or turnover, this can result in significant operational bottlenecks that impact across the organisation.


Connecting healthcare through cloud innovation

1st to market

with innovations in cloud-based speech recognition, mobile medical transcription solutions, and computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD).

67 million

active cloud users per month connect to Nuance solutions using more than 12 billion connected devices including TVs, cars, watches, thermostats, home security systems, clinical documentation solutions, and more.


clinics, hospitals, and IDNs leverage Nuance healthcare solutions in the cloud.

Data security and service continuity

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Why should you speech-enable your clinical documentation now?

Whether you need front-end dictation solutions or back-end transcription services, there’s no end to the ways we can help.