National and Private Healthcare Solutions

NHS and private healthcare IT solutions

Dragon Medical solutions are used extensively in the NHS and private healthcare sector in the UK to enable medical professionals to better capture, manage and utilise patient data.

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IT Solutions for healthcare sectors in the UK

Dragon Medical provides dynamic solutions for the rapidly modernising public and private UK healthcare sector. By effectively transforming clinicians’ speech into rich, detailed patient narratives within existing EPR systems, Dragon Medical has enabled organisations to save time and money, as well as improving patient care:

  • Waterloo Medical Group, North‑East England reduced time taken to produce a report by 2/3, and saved £15,000 in a single year by using Dragon Medical to dictate digitally.
  • The Wellspring Medical Practice, Harrogate used Dragon Medical’s speech-to-text functions to dramatically improve the turnaround time and accuracy of patient letters, saving approximately half a day in the process.
  • The Coquet Medical Practice, North Northumberland has reduced staffing costs and improved face‑to‑face patient services by using Dragon Medical, whilst also cutting the amount of time GPs spend documenting care by approximately 30 minutes a day.


Solutions for national and private healthcare systems

In the digital age of national healthcare, information security and confidentiality are of paramount importance. The Health Service Executive’s ‘Standards and Recommended Practices for Healthcare Records Management’ state that, “Every healthcare record is confidential and as such should be kept secure at all times.” The Data Protection Act (DPA) also places strict requirements on the privacy and security of patient records.

US healthcare providers that operate within the UK are additionally required to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule, which, “includes specific physical, technical and administrative safeguards to prevent healthcare information from being compromised when it is at rest or in transit”.

Dragon Medical software solutions, such as Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Dragon Medical One, support compliance with all of these requirements by utilising secure encryption methods throughout workflow processes. Dragon Medical has achieved HITRUST CSF Certification for Third-party Privacy, Security and Compliance, meaning that it has met key regulations. It also demonstrates that the platform is risk-managed to ensure that sensitive patient data is kept private.


With healthcare organisations needing to be ready for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on 25th May, it is vital that the digital solutions that they use will enhance compliance with these new rules. Using Dragon Medical to record notes, rather than non-compliant consumer apps such as Siri, ensures that sensitive data is stored only in authorised areas. Furthermore, it will help you fulfil the GDPR requirements for keeping records of data processing activities.

The NHS England Five Year Forward View (5yfv) has set out a number of practical steps to drive the health service forward, including ‘harnessing technology and innovation’ to digitise medical services and create a paperless NHS. Dragon Medical solutions are already playing a key role in helping many healthcare organisations to meet this aim, by providing:

·       Speech-to-text accuracy of 99% out of the box

·       60+ integrated medical speciality and sub-speciality vocabularies

·       Significant time and cost savings

The UK Government Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework has stated that professionals and carers should be given “access to all the data, information and knowledge they need,” while making the best use of data and technology. Dragon Medical solutions do this by giving these stakeholders the ability to verbally dictate directly to the medical record. This integration makes it possible for patient records to be easily accessed and amended by all that require it.

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