Dragon Medical Workflow Manager

End-to-end clinical document creation

Nuance Dragon Medical Workflow Manager is an end-to-end clinical document creation solution that manages all steps in the clinical documentation process from creation to distribution, enabling healthcare organisations to reduce letter backlogs, boost clinician efficiency and improve the quality of patient documentation.

Enable clinicians to focus more time on patients—not paperwork

Streamline Clinical Documentation

Enterprise speech recognition, digital dictation, transcription and clinical documentation creation

Capture medical documents faster and automatically route information to the point of care.

Dragon Medical Workflow Manager manages all aspects of clinical documentation processes, and its robust feature set enables Clinicians and clinical support staff to have all the information they need at their fingertips to quickly create and automatically distribute patient reports and letters. This means that clinicians can spend less time and effort producing, chasing up and sending critical documentation. Because documentation is produced and managed faster and more efficiently, caregivers can spend more time with patients and less time in front of a computer.

Dragon Medical Workflow Manager mobile app

Mobile documentation at the point of care

The Dragon Medical Workflow Manager mobile app provides Clinicians and other healthcare professionals with powerful and flexible features that accelerate the capture and communication of clinical documentation.

The app works in conjunction with the Nuance Dragon Medical Workflow Manager platform, which administers document creation, distribution and management. The app allows Clinicians to record dictations, access and report on patient appointments, securely transfer information, and review and manage documents—all while using a smartphone or tablet device.

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