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Want to improve clinical documentation? Just say the word.

We make it easy and fast to update your electronic patient records. Our clinical speech recognition solutions allow doctors and nurses to capture and document patient data quickly and more accurately, saving them time, and improving the quality of the care record and speeding up healthcare data availability and quality.

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Forget about typing!

Dragon Medical solutions accurately translate the doctor’s voice into a rich, detailed clinical narrative that feeds directly into the EPR. Enter and capture health data simply using voice recognition software.

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To cloud or not to cloud?

(Hint: there is no wrong answer)

Whether you want to capture your doctor’s narrative locally or leverage the power of the cloud, Dragon Medical has an option that works—and all of them feature fast, accurate, and responsive clinical speech recognition software with end‑to‑end security. And with a single voice profile, clinicians can get up and running faster across clinical workflows, care settings, devices, and apps with a seamless, consistent, and personalised experience across back‑end, front‑end, on‑premise and cloud‑based speech solutions.

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There’s a Dragon Medical for everybody

Cloud platform for organisations of all sizes

Get cloud-based voice recognition software to capture the patient story directly in the EPR from anywhere—with no need for on-site servers or storage. This fully scalable solution was designed with virtualisation in mind and supports acute and ambulatory IT infrastructures with one-click deployment. Nuance-hosted administration tools manage user voice profiles, automate updates, and provide a robust set of analytics and insights to ensure you are maximising your investment.

On-premise solution for large departments, clinics and sites

Medical speech recognition that communicates easily with existing workflows, and is compatible with all common EPR platforms. This scalable, front-end speech recognition on-premise solution helps you improve documentation, eliminate transcription costs, and increase efficiency, profitability and clinician satisfaction.

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