Nuance® Voice Control 2.0

Comprehensive, customisable framework that enables speech to be used to access and utilise mobile handset-based or network-dependent features, applications, services and content.

Nuance® Voice Control 2.0 speech input technology allows users to offset the challenges of cumbersome keypads, complex menus and seemingly endless clicks.  Our innovative voice control solution simplifies access to key phone applications for a better user experience.  Customisable task flows create a branded experience.  “Press and Speak” access drives usage, generates revenue and fosters retention.  Flexible architecture and easy integration make Nuance® Voice Control 2.0 the technology of choice for leading carriers, OEMs and application developers.  

Benefits of Nuance Voice Control

  • Easy Press and Speak access to features and services
  • Extends the ability to customise voice commands
  • Intelligent access and informed launch of applications
  • Leverages the Nuance VSuite embedded framework
  • Uses Nuance Recognizer 9.0 for network recognition
  • Uses renowned Dragon Naturally Speaking for dictation

Our Benefits to you as a...


  • “Press and Speak” access drives usage, generates revenue and fosters retention
  • Customisable task flows enable a branded user experience
  • A sticky solution that increases subscriber loyalty and reduces churn
  • Platform agnostic solution for feature phones and smartphones
  • The flexible architecture enables third party applications to utilise speech functionality
  • Supports over-the-air activation and update of network services


  • Simplifies access to key phone applications and services by voice input
  • Complies with carrier requirement for voice recognition services
  • Integrated with existing Nuance VSuite to minimise additional engineering
  • Covers broad spectrum of feature phones and smartphones

Application Developer

  • Enhances mobile applications with industry-leading speech recognition software
  • Improves mobile application usability by integrating voice and text-to-speech
  • Drives application usage and increases reach