Power PDF how to: Secure PDFs with Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management

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RMS Security

Security without passwords in Microsoft Active Directory business environments

Being able to control and limit access to confidential documents is an essential PDF capability. Until recently the standard practices was to use password protection to allow or deny access to your document or limit functionality. This is a cumbersome document by document process that requires applying and remembering different passwords for every document. Subsequently, it’s rarely used because if you forget the password, your document is gone forever.

Now there is a simple, automatic and networked controlled way provided by Microsoft Active Directory services, the same technology used to secure your PC and business network with your identity password.

Applying security without passwords

  1. Open a PDF in Power PDF
  2. Select "RMS Security" under the Security tools ribbon
  3. Click OK when asked if you want to change the security settings of the document. This requires that the Microsoft Active Directly Rights Management Service is running on your business network
  4. Click OK in the "Source of Rights Policy" options box
  5. Click OK when the "Templates from AD RMS Service" box appears
  6. Click "Save Now" to secure your document.