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Improve workflow and costs with Dragon

Researching case histories, creating motions and responding to emails leave many legal professionals tied to their computers all day. These repetitive tasks lead to documentation backlogs, increased costs, not to mention the physical strain from typing.

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In this brief, learn why Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers incorporated Dragon speech recognition into their workflow to increase productivity, reduce costs and protect employees from repetitive stress injuries associated with frequent typing.

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If people aren’t talking to Dragon, they’re talking about it

Features and benefits

Put your voice to work and improve practice productivity

Work virtually hands-free to speed document turnaround.

Quickly dictate and edit case files, contracts and briefs; even format legal citations automatically.

Enjoy legal-specific accuracy.

Built with a specialized legal vocabulary, for optimal recognition accuracy when you dictate legal terms—right out of the gate.

Boost efficiency with customizations.

Add custom words specific to your practice or create custom commands to quickly insert standardised content and shortcut repetitive tasks by voice.

Eliminate or reduce transcription time and costs.

Record legal notes using a digital recorder for later transcription by you or your staff.

Use your favorite applications.

Dictate, edit and control your applications by voice, and enjoy Full Text Control in many desktop or web applications when using supported browsers.

Deploy Dragon across your entire practice

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