SafeCom secure print management software

Print management that’s modular, secure and simplified

How do organisations all over the world cut costs, increase efficiency, boost security, reduce waste and go green? By using SafeCom – and building secure print solutions that suit their business.

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Where cost control meets flexibility

The formula for finance and IT managers to reduce costs and simplify document workflow is simple: consolidate, standardise and control your printing operations. And yet your employees need to print safely anytime, anywhere and at any printer. With comprehensive print management tools that deliver smart, security print solutions, SafeCom makes it happen.

Smart Printing

Say goodbye to your biggest print challenges

Get ready to solve the document handling challenges your company faces every day. With SafeCom Smart Printing, you can:

Assess your printing

How much does printing cost you?

Many companies have no solution to monitor printing costs. With SafeCom Print Tracker, you can quickly and easily retrieve an accurate report of print costs. It records all devices and print activity information, down to individual jobs and users. And with a highly accurate reporting tool, you can constantly optimise costs and print services.

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Add-on modules

Going beyond the basics for your business

Our print management software is designed to address your most pressing needs: cost savings, security, reporting and waste reduction. And when you need to tackle the specific demands of your business, SafeCom has you covered with an advanced set of modules. Add the tools for secure print management that you want – and only pay for what you need.

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