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Nuance eCopy Maintenance and Support

Nuance is pleased to provide its customers with the eCopy Maintenance and Support programme for eCopy MFP Scanning Solutions - the best way to automate your document processes and save time by "Making Paper Work"™.

If you have purchased eCopy Maintenance and Support ("M&S") you have access to a range of online and personal support features. You can confirm your eCopy M&S purchase by reviewing your shipping and order information, sent either via email or included in the shipment.

The following online resources will help you get the most out of your eCopy MFP Scanning Solutions:


For your convenience, your End User Licence Agreement (EULA) is posted here:


Current eCopy EULA for Canon N.A. Customers - Click here
Current eCopy EULA for Canon Customers outside of N.A. - Click here
Current eCopy EULA for all customers other than Canon - Click here
Current eCopy EULA for eCopy Business Automation Services for all customers - Click here
ShareScan v5 Free and Open Source Software Licence Agreements - Click here

Thank you again for choosing eCopy MFP Scanning Solutions. You are joining millions of users who rely on Nuance Document Imaging Solutions to turn their paper into documents that they can easily edit, share and use – from their desktop to the MFP to enterprise applications.

The Nuance eCopy Team

   New Zealand