Dragon Drive—The road to AI

Make each car an integrated control center, customized to your brand.

Nuance delivers the industry’s most intuitive voice.


Drive your brand forward with deep customization and AI.

Developed in close partnership with OEMs all over the world, Dragon Drive supplies solutions and expertise that adapt seamlessly to your brand. We support your distinctive vision with an open platform that enables complete customization of look, feel, functions, configurability, content choices, and user experience (UX).

Our system is both embedded and cloud-based, enabling rapid functionality, uninterrupted connectivity, and elegant integration into your vehicles. It offers the industry’s most natural, intuitive interactions and leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to become continuously more human.

The smartest assistant on the market. Period.

Dragon Drive delivers an effortless, unforgettable in-car experience, enabling users to manage content, access third-party services, and save their personal profiles. It knows which vehicle occupant is delivering commands—and where they’re sitting. It learns all users’ preferences, drawing from diverse sources to personalize recommendations.

Controls for the user’s whole ecosystem

With our Smart Home function and third-party services, users can activate their home alarms and turn on their office lights—all by voice, in the car. Based on two types of powerful AI, our cognitive arbitrator integrates disparate assistants and services to make each car a control center for connected living, working, and mobility.

Optimizing safety through intelligence

Our AI-driven natural language understanding (NLU) yields a more intuitive dialogue with the automotive assistant, freeing drivers to stay focused on the road ahead. And—because Dragon Drive is integrated with the car’s HMI—it easily accesses sensors to address diagnostic information or alert drivers when service is needed.

Best-in-class security and latency

Dragon Drive combines embedded and cloud-based services to create a hybrid solution that maximizes access, protects data, and safeguards against connectivity interruptions, regardless of location or zone.

More experienced
Unrivaled innovation leadership

With a legacy of leadership in AI-optimized automotive solutions, Nuance is a trusted partner to vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers all over the world. Dragon Drive is the #1 OEM partner, improving the ride in 200+ million vehicles shipped globally.

Excellence that keeps evolving

More content. Better content. Managed connectivity. Selective third-party providers. We never stop improving—and real-time data provides powerful insights into your customers’ preferences, evolving dramatically with each service update.

More yours
The solution is open—and the options abound.

Don’t settle for out-of-the-box. Dragon Drive is an open solution, ready for your brand signature. Options include 50+ languages, hundreds of content domains, and custom UX.

A platform free of external agendas

Trends, innovations, domains, and technologies come and go. The ability to outlive them—just as your car will—is one of the hallmarks of a truly independent platform. Unlike competitors, we don’t have an agenda and we’ll never use your customer data for any reason other than to make your systems better, faster, and more powerful.

Award-winning innovation

CES Innovation Awards 2018 Honoree
BMW Supplier Innovation Award 2016
CES Innovation Awards 2016 Honoree

Giving voice to connected mobility.

Our mobile apps, cloud content, and infotainment services: all are powered by voice, the best and safest way to link drivers and passengers to the intelligent car. Designed to accommodate a connected car experience while minimizing distraction to the driver, Dragon Drive is deeply integrated as part of a car's HMI and can easily access sensors to address diagnostic information.

Help customers know more and do more   

Leveraging Deep Learning and Reasoning, our conversational AI combines personal preferences with knowledge about the world and the immediate context to achieve a most natural user experience. 

No script required

I’m hungry. I’m hot. Like a friend, our automotive assistant platform understands what you want when you speak in your own words. Nuance brings decades of leadership in conversational AI to Dragon Drive, combining  proprietary technology with Deep Learning and statistical modeling. The result? Assistants that get you, without a script.

Fluency in context    

Adding to the versatility of Dragon Drive, it knows how to read, translating handwriting, signs, messages, and similar text into speech. And NLG enables our systems to contextualize answers, varying output to suit the user's prompts. 

The ignition key

Drivers and passengers need only say the wake-up word and they’re authenticated. The system recognizes and stores the vocal characteristics of each user profile, proactively adjusting settings—seat, mirrors, temperature—for maximum efficiency and comfort.

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Always listening

Just Talk means just that: our system is always on and ready to go. What you say in the vehicle stays private and secure because it’s a hybrid solution, relying in part on embedded functions.

Skip the small talk      

Spare busy users the endless prompts, lists, and menu options. Our barge-in capabilities enable them to interrupt their automotive assistants to make picks or give commands when they already know what they want.  

Talk, write, or just look

Speech. Handwriting. An intentional gaze or gesture. In our CES-award winning multimodal solution, all of these become subtle but effective commands. Gaze detection technology tracks the driver's eye movement to start a conversation about things or places outside the car. The result is a completely new, safe, and human-like user experience.

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Explore how Dragon Drive keeps drivers safe and connected.

Dragon Drive - How It Works

Dragon Drive - How It Works

Innovation leadership for future mobility

The age of autonomous driving is just ahead of us—but Nuance accelerates the future in everything we do. Our technologies set the standard for artificial intelligence in cars, allowing OEMs to deliver comprehensive connection within a consistent brand experience. Discover how delightful intelligence can be with the automotive industry’s #1 partner.

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