Multimodal interaction—versatile AI for situational driving

Go beyond voice with the most intuitive interaction available.

Speak, write or just glance. Your assistant will understand.

Our industry-leading AI for cars just got smarter.

Nuance sets the bar for voice in cars, building on decades of experience using conversational artificial intelligence and Deep Learning to perfect the way machines speak and listen. But sometimes it’s more convenient to communicate with a scribble or a pointed look—so we’ve evolved Dragon Drive to understand handwriting, gesture, and even the human gaze.

Multimodal interaction optimizes safety and user experience by accommodating whatever kind of communication comes naturally in each driving situation, including speech, handwriting, gaze detection and other non-verbal modalities. Like a friend, your assistant just gets it, shifting seamlessly from one mode of human interaction to the next.


Flexible, adaptive, and future-proof

Dragon Drive is ready for future mobility, accommodating drivers with interaction that enhances focus, optimizes productivity, and adapts to their changing needs and responsibilities.

Gaze detection

Just one look: a new standard for natural human interaction through AI

Dragon Drive is designed to give your assistant the intuition of a human copilot—and now, with gaze detection, the interaction is easier and more natural than ever before. It’s like talking with a friend about passing sights—a friend who happens to have advanced GPS, encyclopedic knowledge, and inexhaustible memory for individual habits and preferences.

Handwriting recognition

Noteworthy reading skills

Though it’s best known for advanced speech recognition, Dragon Drive is now equally skilled in its ability to read. Fluent in 50+ languages and infinite writing styles, it applies text-to-speech translation to messages written on a simple pad, mounted on the center console.

Innovation leadership for future mobility

The age of autonomous driving is just ahead of us—but Nuance accelerates the future in everything we do. Our technologies set the standard for artificial intelligence in cars, allowing OEMs to deliver comprehensive connection within a consistent brand experience. Discover how delightful intelligence can be with the automotive industry’s #1 partner.

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