Nuance Professional Services

Unparalled Expertise for Complete Life Cycle Support

The Nuance Automotive Professional Services team designs, develops, and implements innovative speech and multi modal solutions for automotive and navigation applications across a broad range of car brands, models, and system platforms. From creating remarkably accurate human-machine speech interactions to providing localized support to address specific language needs to offering complete life cycle support, we help to ensure you deliver an exceptional user experience.

Nuance Professional Services: Unparalleled Experience and Expertise

  • More than 10 years experience developing proven speech recognition and text-to-speech solutions for automotive and navigation markets
  • Highly qualified group of speech user interface design specialists
  • Local teams for the best level of support to our automotive customers– no matter where in the world they are located
  • Complete life cycle support

Concept Support

Nuance offers all the resources and services needed to get your project off to a successful start. Concept support includes:

  • User surveys
  • Competitive analysis
  • Benchmarking results
  • Best-in-class demonstrations
  • Requirements analysis

System Specification

Nuance’s experienced system architects provide hardware and software requirement specifications, including microphone positioning, audio in/out driver, RAM/ROM consumption, processor power and more, as well as latency estimations.

User Interface Design

Test your system for optimal usability. Workshops provide detailed multi modal UI specifications to define the input and output grammars, prompts, and the entire dialog flow.

Application Development

Count upon the expertise of Nuance’s application development engineers and our proven speech technology tools to accelerate application development for faster time to market.


Translate speech applications into any of the languages in our industry-leading language portfolio. Nuance native speakers are available around the world and can assist with points-of-interest or destination input that require in-depth regional familiarity.

Functional Validation

Optimize the quality of each deployed application.Testing guarantees the overall stability of your system, while recognition rate, prompt and dialog flow validation help to ensure smooth interactions and a positive end-user experience.

Usability Testing and Performance Tuning

Ensure your speech system meets established quality standards. Experts in speech recognition, text-to-speech and dialog flow tune all components of your multi modal speech dialog system for optimal performance and maximum interaction efficiency.

Sales Training and Marketing Support

Train your marketing and sales teams to effectively promote the advantages that Nuance speech technologies bring to in-vehicle systems and navigation devices. Take advantage of marketing and PR support throughout the product life cycle.