360 | SpeechMagic SDK

Speech recognition SDK for healthcare system developers

Deeply embed advanced speech recognition capabilities

360 | SpeechMagic SDK offers industrial-grade voice recognition in 23 languages that delivers rapid ROI. Featuring professional speech recognition vocabularies, advanced learning algorithms and state-of-the art technology. 360 | SpeechMagic SDK captures dictated information and automatically generates formatted and structured medical information for small practices, large hospitals or multi-facility healthcare organizations.

360 | SpeechMagic SDK integrates seamlessly into information systems (IS) or reporting solutions, enabling developers to create medical voice recognition solutions that capture information efficiently, within end users’ workflows.

360 | SpeechMagic SDK latest Version 7 allows you to extend your reach to new mobile platforms and widen the availability of speech-based concepts by connecting Nuance cloud-based 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services to existing and new 360 | SpeechAnywhere SDK installations. Its Speech Analytics’ web application presents key performance indicators (KPIs) in a meaningful and easily

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