OmniPage Server

The most reliable high‑volume, server‑based PDF and image converter on the market

OmniPage Server is a cost-effective and reliable solution for business‑process owners who need to deploy a highly scalable, always‑available optical character recognition (OCR) server solution. If you're tasked with turning boxes of paper into PDF documents, or making sure that all files in your document management system are accurate, searchable and editable, this is the solution for you.

Four must-have OCR features


Convert millions of documents at a time, automatically.


Documents are processed nonstop in a single workflow.


Once configured, there's no need for human intervention.


Different document and image formats are successfully converted.

With superior speed, accuracy and reliability, there's a lot to love about OmniPage

Omnipage server install

Easy installation and configuration

Your IT team can quickly deploy OmniPage Server and customize features based on your unique product designs and business needs. This lets IT professionals spend more time focused on more strategic tasks.

Supports all popular document formats

Omnipage server versatility


OmniPage Server can adapt to all business-process requirements, even if you need a centrally managed server technology to quickly convert scanned documents and images for a wide range of applications. It's the most versatile, high-volume PDF and image converter on the market.

System requirements

Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 or 2012 R2. Server Core (without UI) installations are not supported.

20GB free disk space


Quad-core CPU

The minimum size required is 100G.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher

Microsoft Internet Information Services version 7.5 or higher

Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Server Express 2012 or newer