Automotive—Advanced AI for connected mobility

Dragon Drive delivers a connected world to customers in the car.

Evolve your automotive assistant with intuitive voice that communicates effortlessly with customers while managing every smart technology they own. Dragon Drive transforms your vehicles into comprehensive control centers, delivering a seamless, hyper-intelligent user experience customized to your brand.

Developed in close partnership with the automotive industry, Dragon Drive differentiates voices, learns individual preferences, and responds to natural speech, gestures, handwriting, and even eye movements. Its effortless, adaptive interface keeps the driver focused while delivering integrated connectivity, personalized entertainment, and an unparalleled ability to get things done in the car.


Deliver the user experience of tomorrow in your cars today.

In the future, drivers will be able to control their environments with their gaze, manage their homes from their cars, and deliver personalized entertainment to their passengers. With Nuance, future AI for automotive assistants is already here—and it keeps evolving as your customers engage with it.

Why Nuance

Our technology is all yours.

With decades of driving AI solutions for the automotive industry, Nuance adapts our intelligent tools to your brand—not the other way around.

Innovation leadership

  • Hybrid in-car and cloud architecture for optimal design and speed
  • Extensive HMI experience resulting from hundreds of automotive projects and over 200 million applications worldwide
  • Strong research and development teams in AI, deep NLU, machine learning and big data with benchmarking voice recognition results
  • Global presence and local teams with deep domain knowledge, integration expertise design, customization, and support skills

Conversational AI

  • Highest performance embedded and connected speech recognition, NLU, text-to-speech, audio processing, and text input
  • Best-in-class dialog-based interaction model, providing a natural conversational interface focused on helping drivers complete their tasks
  • Broadest language and domain coverage
  • Deep contextual knowledge, leveraging an ever-evolving user profile that combines history, personal preferences, and vehicle information from up to 200 onboard sensors

Customized to your brand

  • A fully customizable personal assistant platform, allowing OEMs to maintain complete control over the in-vehicle user experience, differentiating their brand identities through innovation
  • Strong focus on privacy, enabling OEMs to retain ownership and control of user, vehicle, and BI data

A legacy of leadership in AI-optimized automotive solutions


vehicles shipped globally with Dragon Drive


languages supported and hundreds of content domains


OEM partner to vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers all over the world

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