Great uses

5 great uses


Here are 5 ways to use the time in your BMW more productively with Dragon Drive! Messaging. Let your thoughts run free and react faster to correspondence. It´s easy! Dictate emails and text messages in your car simply using voice commands. Move ahead—in every sense.



1. Note the ideas you have in your car

Note ideas BMW

Same journey, same time, every day? Back and forth to work. The landscape flashes by and your thoughts run free. But they're fleeting. As soon as you set foot in your office, they're gone. Hang on to those thoughts and ideas in an email to yourself. It will be waiting for you at your desk even before you arrive.


2. Be spontaneous

Spontaneous BMW

The sun's shining during your journey, and there's a good chance it'll be a beautiful, warm summer evening. Send a text message to organize a spontaneous get-together even while you're still in your BMW. Just dictate: “Hi! Fancy a picnic by the river today at 18:30? I'll bring the potato salad. Who can bring the wine?” Send it to your best friends, and you're ready to enjoy the evening.


3. Send reminders

Reminder BMW

You're on your way home and looking forward to a relaxing evening. While you wait at a traffic light, you see a poster for the current exhibition at the art gallery. Use an email or text message to suggest to your partner to go there. That way you won't miss the highlight.


4. React quickly

React quickly BMW

Sometimes you need to react quickly. Imagine you're planning a holiday. Your travel agent calls and has reserved cheap flights for you. Because the tickets are limited, the agency requires a booking confirmation very soon for the deal to go through. No problem. Straight after the phone call, you can send the booking confirmation directly by mail and have your tickets in the post the very next day.


5. Post to social networks

Social_net BMW

After a really fun evening, you drive home, happily singing a tune in the car. On the way, the first Facebook comments arrive in your email inbox. They shouldn't be left unanswered. Just dictate: “Hi guys, I really enjoyed myself too. We should really do that again soon!” Send it off, and your comment is already online.



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