Nuance DAX: Real-world case study

Leveraging cutting‑edge innovation to enhance the practice of medicine

Physician profile

Urologist, Midwestern U.S.

Typical patient load

15-17 patients per half‑day, including some procedures


Providing quality care, which is thoroughly documented—drawn from full patient background/history


The physician’s busy schedule meant dictation sometimes took place much later following the visit, as time was available when relevant details might be forgotten

Working at an academic institution in the heartland of America, one urologist likes to look at his practice from the perspective of how his students, colleagues, and departments can learn and improve. Experiencing technological innovation is a key facet of the educational experience.

“I’m always open to new stuff. I’m young, I’m going to be in this a while. I like the advanced technology to make my life easier. Overall, it is a very pleasant experience. It’s a time saver, it’s a burnout saver—it’s a great program.”

Nuance DAX falls right in line. “The vast majority of us [in our department] are very open to technology and trying to advance medicine, and also just kind of make our lives easier too,” he says. While his hope is to teach his residents best practices for documentation, billing, and legal protections, he also wants to introduce innovative solutions—like DAX—to his department to make them more productive and better balance their time. “So, I mean, what DAX is shooting for, it’s an easy no-brainer for us—why wouldn’t we like to pursue it?”

He sees the impact of DAX in his practice. Completing dictation and documentation before going home is a high priority for this physician so he can take advantage of time at home with his wife and three children, and he is happy that DAX “saves quite a bit of time overall.” He also believes the notes are capturing important information that, in the past, may have been lost in the busy rush of traditional clinic sessions. An example of the advantage DAX brings to his documentation is for history of present illness (HPI) data. He notes, “The quality is better when it is being recorded in real time than me going back hours later or, especially, if I’m doing it the next day.”

Unmatched outcomes

The positive impact on care delivery

7 min

saved per encounter, reducing documentation time by 50%


reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue

3 of 4

physicians state DAX improves documentation quality


of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational

Better patient‑physician experience, all around.

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