Nuance DAX: Real-world case study

Flexible and accurate workflows for more engaged and expedited care delivery

Physician profile

Orthopedic Surgeon, Southeastern U.S.

Typical patient load

30‑35 patients per day, three times per week in clinic


Providing quality care to as many patients as possible


The sheer volume of patients makes it tough to find time to complete notes as quickly as possible following visits, which can have an impact on care quality as well as the accuracy of billing

Some physicians sense an inevitable relationship between the volume of patients and the quality of documentation. One orthopedic surgeon in the southeastern U.S. sees 30 to 35 patients per day, conducting both elective and inpatient visits, spanning the gamut of age groups from young to mature. While his old dictation service seemed to be adequate, he still struggled to find time to complete notes soon after visits and saw negative impacts on the accuracy of billing and quality of documentation. “It was my only experience, and so I didn’t know anything different,” he says.

“If I can’t sign off on the note until the next day or even the day after that, then it delays getting the pre‑authorization. If I have somebody that comes into the clinic that has an infection that I need to take to the operating room that afternoon, it limits the stress of trying to get that documentation into the chart as soon as possible.”

Workflow is different now with Nuance DAX’s timely, detailed notes, which require limited editing. He observes that “now that I’ve switched over [to DAX], I definitely can tell the difference in quality and efficiency of the notes being done.” With more flexible options to complete accurate notes, his appointments are not only more efficient but also more punctual, which shortens patient wait time and can allow for faster processing of pre‑authorizations, helping some patients living with intensive, chronic pain get to the operating room quicker.

DAX increases the pace of documentation, and patient charts can advance through the insurance approvals process more quickly. Overall, the surgeon feels empowered to facilitate greater engagement with patients during his visits, despite the heavy volume in his schedule. “I definitely can sit and engage with the patient more—and not have to write things down or worry as much,” he says.

Unmatched outcomes

The positive impact on care delivery

7 min

saved per encounter, reducing documentation time by 50%


reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue

3 of 4

physicians state DAX improves documentation quality


of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational

Better patient‑physician experience, all around.

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