Nuance DAX: Real-world case study

Focusing on the family—inside and outside the exam room

Physician profile

Podiatrist, Wisconsin

Typical patient load

25-35 patients per day, often older with multiple health issues, such as diabetes, in a small, rural community


Providing a quality care experience where patients feel heard while also thoroughly documenting care


Taking notes during the patient visit limits the feeling of connectedness between physician and patient; reviewing and revising notes at the end of the day adds more hours to a long day

A podiatrist who serves a small, rural community in Wisconsin, with an older population that often carries multiple health issues, highly values the concept of family. That extends to the relationships between this physician and his patients: “I keep one of those digital photo frames in my exam room to keep the patients occupied until I get in there, and some patients have basically seen my children grow up. They feel almost connected to my family when we see them out in the community. They frequently tell my kids, ‘I watched you grow up all these years!’”

“I think it makes you a better doctor, because you really sit and listen to a patient, really take it all in, and they feel, ‘Wow, he is giving me his time.’ I think that is probably a big benefit the patients like too.”

Live notetaking during visits forces this physician to appear less engaged—his body half‑turned toward the computer. Facilitating better engagement with patients is a critical objective for him to ensure his patients are feeling heard—and helping him be a better practitioner of medicine.

With Nuance DAX, he feels empowered to focus on conversation and relationships without the heartburn of worrying critical information is lost in the process. “[In the] past, I had to try to herd patients along,” he notes. “Now, I can try to be social and build relationships. Most importantly, I really can spend more time focusing on the patient and not the computer. [DAX helps me] complete everything over the course of the visit, rather than trying to finish many notes at the end of the day.”

Most impactful for this podiatrist is the extra moments in the day he gets back by avoiding hours of documentation. He leaves the office satisfied that he has served his patients well—while getting the benefit of more time with his own family. “[The] game-changer is at the end of the day, I’m done with my charts,” he says. “My family sees me a lot more. I have more ‘me’ time. The first day that I started with the trial, it was quarter-to-five, and I went to my staff and said, ‘Do I have any phone calls or messages?’ And they said, ‘No, everything is done.’ I said, ‘Wow, all my charts are done.’ I am going home with that peace of mind knowing all my work is done. I felt I gave great care that day—that is such a mental positive.”

Unmatched outcomes

The positive impact on care delivery

7 min

saved per encounter, reducing documentation time by 50%


reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue

3 of 4

physicians state DAX improves documentation quality


of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational

Better patient‑physician experience, all around.

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