Nuance DAX: Real-world case study

Nebraska Medicine enhances patient connection with Nuance DAX

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As the largest healthcare network in the metropolitan Omaha regional, Nebraska Medicine is a trusted provider for more than a million patients annually. Developing relationships between physicians, patients, and their families is the foundational element of Nebraska Medicine's comprehensive holistic offer.

To enhance the level of care across its dozens of specialties, and to embrace leadership in innovation and transformation, Nebraska Medicine saw an opportunity to build the exam room of the future by adoption Nuance DAX. DAX's advanced ambient clinical intelligence simplifies the documentation process, empowering physicians to enter the clinic with a renewed cognitive focus on the patient. Urologist Dr. Andrew Christiansen notes brining the DAX technology to Nebraska Medicine as a "no brainer."

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"Before DAX, in a typical week, I would probably spend six to eight hours documenting, dictating, and signing notes. My time has been cut in half if not one‑third, because of Nuance’s help.”
—Dr. Scott Vincent, Orthopedic Surgeon, Nebraska Medicine


Support the mission of patient‑centered care with technology as a tool for empowerment rather than an obstacle.


Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (Nuance DAX)


  • Enables stronger patient connections by reducing time spend on documentation
  • Replaces a cumbersome documentation process with one that is efficient
  • Improves physician workflows and reduces stress

Nuance DAX delivers immediate value to the patient‑provider connection

Dr. Michael Ash, Nebraska Medicine's chief transformation officer, understands the importance of connection in the patient's experience of care delivers. "When patients are at their most vulnerable, when they're sick, they want to know that the physician is focusing on their needs, not worrying about what's on a computer screen," he says.

However, burdensome documentation requirements are increasingly at odds with their mission of relationship-based care. Nebraska Medicine physicians find that Nuance DAX makes an immediate and powerful impact on the patient‑provider relationship by streamlining clinical note-taking and EHR documentation. They see it as more than a documentation solution: it empowers physicians to devote more time, attention, and empathy in the exam room.

According to Dr. Nicole, Shonka, a neuro‑oncologist, "This AI enables us to keep the more important things in the [patient‑physician] relationship and make the documentation a bit more secondary."

Unmatched outcomes

The positive impact on care delivery

7 min

saved per encounter, reducing documentation time by 50%


reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue

3 of 4

physicians state DAX improves documentation quality


of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational

Better patient‑physician experience, all around.

Discover how to improve care quality, boost efficiency, and reduce physician burnout with the Dragon Ambient eXperience.

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