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What AI app stores will mean for radiology

A concept adapted from the world of PCs and smartphones —the app store—shows promise as a tool for bringing radiology AI from trials into day‑to‑day practice.

Read the article from Harvard Business Review to learn more about the impact app stores will have on the future of AI in radiology.

How AI app stores can accelerate the development, deployment, and adoption of AI for radiology


Make AI practical for healthcare

A built‑in feedback channel between developers and users bridges the gap between the technical functionality of algorithms and how they are used in everyday practice.


Address burnout

Facilitate the design of algorithms that integrate seamlessly into radiologists’ workflows to simplify them and improve the speed and quality of radiology reporting.


Improve clinical outcomes

By taking over routine tasks, adding quality checks, and enhancing diagnostic accuracy, AI algorithms can be expected to improve clinical outcomes.

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