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Imagine realizing $45M in appropriate reimbursement while improving SOI/ROM capture and more. Discover how.

Everything you do becomes exponentially better with Nuance as your trusted partner. Our solutions can help you multiply your ability to capture revenue, improve documentation compliance and increase profitability.

Discover how we help Chief Financial Officers reduce costs, ensure that proper payment is received for the care delivered and achieve rapid ROI.

Let’s improve your clinical documentation exponentially.

Learn how a 15,000-employee hospital system radically advanced its CDI program and achieved:

• A 95% physician response rate to CDI clarifications
• A twofold increase in SOI/ROM capture and big improvements in care quality
• A 13% increase in CMI
• 100% ROI in less than 6 months

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Nuance Healthcare: Baptist Health case study

Case study: Baptist Health improves quality and realizes $45M in appropriate reimbursement.

Find out how Nuance’s clinically driven CDI program and a unique staffing model engage physicians and drive results.

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