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Save an additional 485 hours per week on clinical documentation. Discover how.

Everything you do becomes exponentially better with Nuance as your trusted partner. We can help you improve financial performance, raise the quality of care and increase clinician satisfaction.

Discover how we help Chief Information Officers multiply their ability to help IT departments manage fewer vendors, and empower users to work securely in the ways that are best for them—on the devices of their choice.

Reducing physician burnout while saving hundreds of hours on EHR documentation.

With 39 hospitals across 22 states and 400 care sites, Dignity Health is one of the largest health systems in the nation. Discover how this organization:

• Saved an additional 485 hours per week on clinical documentation.
• Captured more than 2.5 million lines of text with speech recognition technology.
• Increased system-wide adoption of front-end speech by 273% in the first seven months.
• Reduced physician burnout while improving EHR documentation quality.
• Cut time spent in note authoring pages by 1/6 the Cerner average.

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Case study: Providers value efficient, portable documentation experience.

Learn how you can leverage portable speech recognition technology to help providers save hundreds of hours per week.

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Let’s improve EHR documentation quality and efficiency exponentially.

Learn how UHS, a $10 billion, 70,000-employee organization, radically improved clinical documentation and patient outcomes, resulting in a:

• 69% reduction in transcription costs
• $3 million savings year over year
• 12% increase in CMI

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Solving the financial documentation challenge

Case study: UHS drives quality through cloud speech and CDI workflow.

Find out how Nuance’s intuitive, cloud-based speech solutions and CDI workflow engage physicians in quality improvement.

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Enhancing physician documentation while eliminating millions of clicks.

Technology that boosts clinical documentation improvement (CDI) can help you impact operations exponentially. Read our fact sheet and learn how you can:

• Eliminate millions of unnecessary clicks.
• Create compliant notes in 90 seconds.
• Embrace technology that “makes it easier and quicker to capture the complete patient story,” according to 93% of clinicians.
• Improve reimbursement accuracy by 54%.

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Infographic: Avoid rework so you can check up on your patients, not your documentation.

Find out how you can implement technology that dramatically increases clinician efficiency and overall profitability.

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Liberating clinicians while improving EHR documentation?

One of the largest health systems in the Chicago area radically improved the capture of patient stories by deploying Dragon Medical One. Read the case study to learn how this organization was able to:

• Empower physicians to simply speak their notes and have details go directly into the EHR.
• Enable staff to be productive from anywhere — not just in front of EHR workstations.
• Save hundreds of hours on clinical documentation, freeing physicians to spend more time with patients.
• Increase communication, collaboration and efficency, making physician notes available in real time.

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Case study: Read the case study, Edward-Elmhurst Health takes clinical speech to the cloud.

Find out how you can increase collaboration, productivity and consistency across clinical workflows.

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