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Imagine liberating your care providers with a solution that 86% of them adopt once they try it. Discover how.

Everything you do becomes exponentially better with Nuance as your trusted partner. Our solutions are built to help Chief Medical Officers improve performance and quality scores by providing the best diagnosis and treatment for patients.

Discover how we can help you multiply your ability to advance the reputation and integrity of your organization.

Making surgeons happier and more productive.

Over half a surgeon's day is devoted to documentation. Add in the complexities of ICD-10 coding, and it's no wonder burnout is on the rise. Learn how you can:

• Liberate your care providers with a solution that 86% of them adopt once they try it.
• Improve your surgeons' quality ratings.
• End the struggle to remember codes and ever-changing coding rules.
• Eliminate the need to retrospectively revisit notes.

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White paper: How artificial intelligence engages surgeons for better documentation.

Becker’s Hospital Review’s white paper reveals four ways AI-powered technology can improve the surgeon's experience across the continuum of care.

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Let’s improve EHR documentation efficiency and accuracy exponentially.

Learn how a world-class academic medical center transformed EHR documentation and the work lives of physicians with Dragon Medical One. According to doctors surveyed:

• 99% would recommend the technology
• 96% say it makes capturing patient stories more efficient
• 90% believe it improves documentation quality
• 95% say it makes documentation within EHR easier

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Solving the financial documentation challenge

Case study: Voice-driven solutions make it easier to document care within your EHR.

Find out how Dragon Medical One improves physician speed, mobility and satisfaction at the University of Kansas Health System.

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Significantly improve satisfaction for physicians and patients?

Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) is one of the most powerful ways you can positively impact the lives of your physicians and their patients. Read our fact sheet and learn how you can:

• Embrace technology that “makes it easier and quicker to capture the complete patient story,” according to 93% of clinicians.
• Create compliant notes in 90 seconds and eliminate millions of unnecessary clicks.
• Improvement in capture of extreme SOI by 36% and ROM by 24%.

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Infographic: Avoid rework so you can check up on your patients, not your documentation.

Find out how you can greatly reduce documentation rework, clinician burnout and errors that impact patient outcomes.

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Happier physicians and better quality of care?

Nebraska's largest and highest-rated academic medical health system has made exponential improvements in clinical documentation. Read the case study and learn why:

• 94% of physicians say Nuance technology helps them do their jobs better.
• 70% see an improvement in documentation quality.
• 50% of physicians are now saving more than 30 minutes every day.

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Case study: Nebraska Medicine improves quality of care, increases physician satisfaction.

Find out how your physicians can complete high quality notes faster — and more effectively — with cloud-based clinical documentation solutions.

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