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Picture 100% compliance, lower malpractice premiums
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exceptional patient care.

Everything you do becomes exponentially better with Nuance as your trusted partner. We help Chief Radiologists dramatically boost radiologist productivity, while significantly reducing turnaround times, enabling better patient care and satisfaction.

Discover how we can help you and your organization dramatically decrease report turnaround time, while being fully compliant and lowering insurance costs.

Lower malpractice premiums and turnaround times while achieving 100% critical result notification compliance.

When a highly specialized radiology department of a North Indiana not-for-profit hospital implemented PowerScribe 360 Critical Results, they realized multiple benefits, including:

• 7% reduction in malpractice insurance premiums
• 100% Joint Commission and ACR compliance for critical result notifications
• Decreased average turnaround time

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Reduce risk and insurance premiums

Case study: Elkhart General reduces risk and insurance premiums through critical test results solution.

Find out how Chief Radiologists and their organizations are realizing lowered malpractice insurance premiums and achieving compliance measures with PowerScribe 360 Critical Results.

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Imagine decreasing mammography reporting time by more than 10 hours.

When a premier hospital in Macon, Georgia leverages the network building capabilities of PowerShare, their ability to rapidly turnaround mammography results imrpoves exponentially. Read the case study to learn how this hospital is enabled to:

• Leverage Nuance resources to add 36 facilities in just over 6 months.
• 100% Provide mammography results in 38% less time.
• Expedite patient care.
• Limit rescans and unnecessary radiation exposure.

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Reduce risk and insurance premiums

Case study: Navicent Health rapidly grows nationwide image sharing network.

Find out how to expand your image sharing network and share results in less time.

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