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Experience the exam room of the future

Discover how Ambient Clinical Intelligence will power the exam room of the future and reinvent the doctor-patient experience.

Everything you do becomes exponentially better with Nuance as your trusted partner. We help Chief Radiologists dramatically boost radiologist productivity, while significantly reducing turnaround times, enabling better patient care and satisfaction.

Discover how we can help you and your organization dramatically decrease report turnaround time, while being fully compliant and lowering insurance costs.

A Real View: The best reasons for joining the largest image-sharing network? Patient outcomes.

More than 6,400 care facilities have made PowerShare the largest image-sharing network in the country. Many choose PowerShare because of its impact in everyday, ordinary usage – thanks to its size, reliability, ease of use and 24/7 support. But it’s in those extraordinary or potentially life-threatening circumstances – when time and speed of access matter most – that they discover PowerShare’s greatest strength is in fostering positive patient outcomes. Read Karen Holzberger’s blog for a few real-world examples.

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The best reasons for joining the largest image-sharing network? Patient outcomes.

Read Karen Holzberger’s blog about ordinary and extraordinary examples of the PowerShare Network in action.

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The journey to Ambient Clinical Intelligence

Schedule your opportunity to experience an AI-powered doctor and patient interaction where:

• Human conversation moves to the forefront.
• Information retrieval is simple.
• Intelligence is automatically delivered at the point of care.
• Clinical documentation writes itself™.

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Experience the exam room of the future

Discover how ACI will power the exam room of the future and reinvent the doctor-patient experience.

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Imagine a future where Clinical Documentation Writes Itself™

Ambient Clinical Intelligence (ACI) helps alleviate the burnout care teams experience from the extra time spent documenting visits, navigating patient charts, and following up on documentation details. It securely listens to clinician patient conversations and complements the EHR by surrounding the encounter with assisted workflows, task and knowledge automation. By doing so, it promotes a better patient experience and automatically documents patient care—all without taking the physician's attention off of the patient.

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Videos: View first-hand reactions to Ambient Clinical Intelligence

“It’s going to revolutionize how we practice medicine"
Dr. Eric Poon, CHIO
Duke University Health System

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Imagine reinventing your entire doctor-patient experience while helping to cure physician burnout

In a recent Forbes Magazine article, Nuance CEO Mark Benjamin talks at length about the role Conversational AI and Ambient Clinical Intelligence technology will play in helping cure physician burnout. Citing statistics from the American Medical Association, Forbes reports that physicians spend up to six hours daily working with EHRs. That's six hours not spent seeing patients, not having the time to listen carefully—to diagnose, empathize, hold a hand, speak with family members, or explain conditions and next steps.

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Forbes Magazine: How Conversational AI Can Help Cure Physician Burnout

Nuance CEO Mark Benjamin discusses how Conversational AI and Ambient Clinical Intelligence can help cure physician burnout.

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Leveraging radiology algorithms to improve outcomes and save lives

AI-powered technology is having a significant impact on radiology, especially when it comes to augmenting clinical expertise with deep-learning algorithms. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how you can:

• Work smarter and more efficiently.
• Leverage radiology algorithms available to 20,000+ PowerScribe users.
• Dramatically increase your ability to catch life-threatening conditions.

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Webinar: AI in Action at Partners Health

See how AI is transforming radiology to improve patient outcomes.

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