Dragon Medical One

Better clinical documentation, all around

Use your voice to securely capture the patient story more naturally and efficiently—anytime, anywhere. Dragon Medical One cloud‑based HITRUST CSF‑certified speech recognition solution provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across solutions, platforms, and devices.

Capture the complete patient story in the EHR

Explore how to save time documenting patient care directly in the EHR with Dragon Medical One real-time speech recognition.

  • 45% less time spent on documentation
  • 20% more relevant clinical content captured
  • 3X faster than typing on a computer
  • 2 hours per day saved on documentation

See how to save time documenting with Dragon Medical One

2021 Best in KLAS speech recognition front-end emr badge
Black Book 2021 seal

Dragon has literally made me a better father. The amount of free time I now have on the weekends to spend time with my children is priceless. Before Dragon, I would spend anywhere from three to six hours on a Sunday, reviewing, editing, and signing numerous charts that took away family time. Dragon changed that for me, and I am grateful.”
—Dr. Michael Greene of Peachtree Spine Physicians

See what you + Nuance can do

Schedule a demo and see how Dragon Medical One empowers clinicians to document 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content.


The best medicine for busy hospitals and clinics

With limited administrative staff, budget and IT resource—you need solutions that empower clinicians to provide optimal care and improve clinical and financial outcomes.


Portable, easy‑to‑use, personalized voice experience

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