Greater than the sum of its parts

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Greater than the sum of its parts

Enhancing CDI at Ardent Health Services with CAPD technology.

Better clinical documentation, all around.

There is a belief that computer assisted physician documentation (CAPD) technology is a zero-sum game with CDI. Join us as we discuss how Ardent Health Services changed minds and behavior to prove how automated guidance enhances the experience for physicians, CDS, and made a substantial impact on the organization’s documentation accuracy and bottom line.

During this webinar, you will learn:


How to identify the stakeholders in the discussions around CAPD technology utilization


Pitfalls to avoid and lessons learned when discussing and implementing CAPD


Real-world effects on documentation accuracy and financial impact

About the presenter

Adrienne Younger, BSN, CCDS

Assistant Vice President of Clinical Documentation
Ardent Health Services

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