Nuance presents

Making AI useful:
Real-time intelligence in the workflow

This three-part series will show how radiology organizations can partner with Nuance to streamline the selection, validation, and execution of AI models in their everyday clinical practice. We’ll highlight first-hand customer stories and discuss technologies that integrate AI into key points within their workflow to help accelerate AI adoption.

Making AI useful: Real-time intelligence in the workflow

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AI in action:
From promise to practice

In this webinar, we look at how you can incorporate AI meaningfully into day-to-day clinical processes to augment and assist radiologists and their teams. The discussion covers how to overcome early obstacles, achieve effective integration, and accelerate adoption. Dr. Terence Matalon, chief of radiology at Einstein Healthcare Network, talks about their AI journey, their current state, and future directions. Leading the discussion is Nuance Diagnostics account executive Kristine Ribas.

The AI Marketplace difference: Why Nuance?

This presentation includes a broad overview of the Marketplace as a platform for driving practical use of AI in radiology and shows how AI models integrate directly into Nuance PowerScribe One to automate and augment reporting. Presenters include Jacques Gilbert, Nuance Diagnostics Director of Strategy, and Kate Kovalenko, Director of Diagnostics AI and Reporting.

Coming full circle: Accelerating AI adoption with analytics

In this webinar, Dr. Woojin Kim, a radiologist, renowned imaging informaticist, and entrepreneur, is joined by Jamin Wunderink, senior product manager of Nuance Healthcare Diagnostics. They discuss the importance of validating and monitoring AI models, along with some of the associated challenges. They also show how analytics tools can help evaluate AI models before you deploy, and monitor model performance over time.

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