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How AI is advancing the impact of radiology in healthcare

In your words: How AI is advancing the impact of radiology in healthcare—from Porter Research—uses radiologists’ own words from recorded interviews to convey the biggest challenges and concerns they are facing today, as well as their goals and long‑term strategic objectives. Their responses relate their views on the role that AI can and must play, the anticipated benefits of Nuance PowerScribe One, and how they believe PowerScribe One can advance the practice of radiology.

Radiologists see cloud‑based diagnostic solutions, workflow‑integrated AI as key priorities for care teams

Radiologists are traditionally viewed as pioneers of new healthcare technology, so their work often points to its adoption in other areas. They continue to fulfill that role by working closely with healthcare IT vendors to develop solutions using artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing, cloud computing, and other technologies to forge new pathways for healthcare.


Radiology sits at the nexus of dozens of medical specialties and sub‑specialties and is essential for informing patient diagnosis and treatment.


Radiology workloads keep increasing, but radiologists and other physicians are subject to alarming rates of professional burnout caused by inefficient systems and processes.


Radiology organizations are looking to the power, potential, and promise of AI, natural language processing, cloud computing and other technologies to reduce burnout, improve report consistency and communication, and forge new pathways for healthcare.

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Nuance delivers an unrivaled radiology reading experience with PowerScribe One

See how PowerScribe One delivers the radiology reading experience of the future. A new user-centric design combines ambient, conversational AI, structured data, workflow automation and real-time data synchronization to improve radiologist satisfaction and patient care.

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