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Redefining the 21st‑century healthcare provider‑patient experience

Download our latest white paper and learn how the Dragon Ambient eXperience (Nuance DAX) is helping to solve sub‑optimal patient care, clinician burnout and missed reimbursement and financial pressures from physicians who are using it.

Shaping the future of healthcare

The current standard for 21st‑century healthcare delivery is in flux, with unique challenges preventing care teams from ensuring high-quality, patient‑centered care. Many of the challenges are fundamental, interconnected, and share a consistent factor: the burden of clinical documentation.

Read how Nuance DAX is shaping the future of healthcare to advance care and the real examples of the exceptional return on investment providers have achieved.

Rehumanize the patient experience

High‑quality engagement facilitates higher patient satisfaction and, ultimately, patient retention. Nuance DAX ensures that the relationship between the patient and physician, and not the copious notetaking, is the primary focus of the visit.

Relieve physicians from the burden of clinical documentation

After using Nuance DAX, physicians are thrilled by the extent to which it reduces the time spent on documentation. Physicians overwhelmingly feel satisfied and recharged that patient care has returned to the focus of how they spend most of their time.

Reimagine operations to improve the balance sheet

Complete, precise documentation, paired with efficient service, reduces waiting room backlogs and time between encounters. With increased patient throughput and retention and more accurate reimbursement, Nuance DAX positively impacts providers’ top and bottom lines.

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Unmatched outcomes

The positive impact on care delivery

7 min

Saved per encounter. Reducing documentation time by 50%.


Reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue.


Of physicians state DAX improves documentation quality.


Of patients say their physician is more personable and conversational.

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