White paper

Slow Adoption = Missed Opportunities

Learn how to identify ways strategic lung screening programs can help deliver value-based care and keep patients from falling through the cracks, leading to lower costs, higher survival rates, and better quality of life.

Read Lung Cancer Screening: Slow Adoption = Missed Opportunities white paper to discover how.

Establish and grow an effective lung cancer screening program

With our technology, your radiology department can demonstrate its true value
to the hospital and patient community and:


Optimize program management

Ease the management of mandated screening steps, including documentation of encounters and results communication.


Capture all data

Use powerful custom fields to ensure complete data capture, including Lung-RADS scores and results, as well as incidental findings communication.


Manage positive findings

Connect program navigators to patients enrolled in the program, with proactive alerts and prompts for appropriate next steps.


Connect with the ACR

Integrate with the ACR Registry for automated upload, including historical data input.

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