Improve CDI Programs with Dragon Medical

Magnolia Regional Health Center improves clinician satisfaction and note quality.

Cloud-based speech platform and embedded solutions, plus CDI, transform clinical documentation.

Magnolia Regional Health Center Success Story

Company profile

Magnolia Regional Health Center (MRHC), located in Corinth, MS, is a 200-bed, acute care community hospital serving Northeast Mississippi and Southern Tennessee. Having successfully deployed MEDITECH’s EHR in the hospital and MEDITECH Expanse in its clinics, MRHC wanted to build on this foundation and further improve physician satisfaction and productivity by combining a unified speech-driven documentation workflow with a clinical documentation improvement program designed to ensure every medical record accurately reflected the patient’s course of care.

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We expect major system transitions to be cumbersome and complicated. It’s usually a short-term pain, long-term gain scenario in a quest to increase productivity and reduce costs. However, including Dragon Medical shifted the equation and allowed us to realize immediate gains while setting us up for further enhancements. It was the highlight of the MEDITECH EHR adoption project —a win for both the organization and our physicians.

David Parker
Chief Information Officer
Magnolia Regional Health Center

  • Traditional transcription costly and time consuming
  • Physicians increasingly frustrated with clinical documentation process
  • Speech recognition technology incompatible with virtual environments
  • Quality and patient satisfaction scores didn’t accurately reflect patient population
  • Dragon® Medical One
  • Dragon Medical embedded in MEDITECH Expanse—an exclusive solution only available from Nuance®
  • PowerMic Mobile
  • CACDI with CDI professional services
  • Increased physician productivity with MEDITECH EHR
  • Rapid adoption of Dragon Medical One by physicians citing ease-of-use and improved documentation content
  • Reduced annual transcription volume by 100%
  • Opportunity for $1M increase of appropriate reimbursement in the first year alone


Flexible tools address cost and convenience while improving physician satisfaction
As MRHC deployed a major upgrade to its MEDITECH EHR for the acute environment and implemented MEDITECH Expanse in its clinics, the organization sought to further capitalize on its investment by adding complementary voice technology.

MRHC physicians expressed growing frustration with the slow turnaround times associated with transcription but were not universally prepared for the shift to the new EHR. While some physicians required an alternative to typing to maximize their EHR utilization, others were already adept at entering notes directly into the system. However, both groups reportedly longed for the freedom and flexibility to do so without being tethered to their workstations.

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