Nuance Healthcare Success Story—Radiology Associates P.C. improves radiologists’ satisfaction and patient care.

Radiology Associates P.C. improves radiologists’ satisfaction and patient care.

PowerScribe 360 Reporting is PACS vendor’s top recommendation as trusted, reliable choice.

Company profile

Radiology Associates P.C. (RAPC) is a premier professional radiology group with a culture of professional excellence, uncompromising technical efficiencies and compassionate care. RAPC is associated with healthcare facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. RAPC has over a dozen highly-experienced subspecialty trained radiologists providing interpretation of imaging exams for over 35 hospitals and clinics. RAPC has progressed from using its in-house PACS system to interpret about 35,000 studies annually, just a few years ago, to well over a half-million studies anticipated for 2016.

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On our first day with PowerScribe 360, we were further along than after six months with our previous vendor.

Jeff Blomquist
Radiology Associates P.C.

  • Finding a proven, reliable radiology reporting solution
  • Needed scalable solution that can grow and evolve as workload increases over time
  • Deployment across multiple facilities
  • PowerScribe® 360 Reporting
  • Smooth, quick implementation
  • Successful transition for all radiologists
  • Ability to leverage team of knowledgeable experts
  • Saved RAPC hundreds of conversion work hours


In 2013, Jeff Blomquist, CIO, RAPC, was managing a broad initiative to replace the current PACS system with a new PACS system, and to consolidate the PACS solution across all 35 facilities. As part of this initiative, he wanted to standardize the reporting solution with a voice recognition dictation system and made the decision to go with the product that RAPC was utilizing in other facilities, thinking this was an obvious choice.

When the time came to implement the radiology reporting software, however, RAPC learned that the vendor was no longer selling this product and was selling a new product touted to be better and more powerful.

After six months and expending significant resources, RAPC concluded that this new product would not satisfy its needs. Jeff commented that RAPC was “not inclined to use unproven platforms and applications when it comes to products that directly impact patient care.”

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