Improve Coding Productivity and ICD-10 Compliance

Transforming coding

A single, web-based, enterprise-wide platform, Clintegrity Coding and Compliance provides the intelligent solution to improve coder productivity and maintain the highest levels of accuracy and compliance.

Improve coder efficiency

Clintegrity Coding brings together all the tools needed to completely and accurately review, analyze, code and audit inpatient and outpatient encounters within a single platform to more efficiently manage the workflow and enhance coder productivity. With Clintegrity, you can effectively manage and monitor the complex coding challenges that can put your health system at risk and delay or reduce your reimbursement.

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Summit Health and Nuance: Win-win for everyone

See how Summit Health uses Nuance Clintegrity Coding to improve coder efficiency, optimize quality—from entry to education to compliance to auditing and analytics—for accurate ICD-10 coding.

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Clintegrity will help your organization quickly generate substantial revenue and operating savings by ensuring your clinical documentation chain is accurate, sound and fully adopted by physicians.

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