The Importance of Clinical Documentation

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A strong clinical documentation improvement program is a strategic imperative for navigating the challenges of the changing reimbursement landscape. Experience, guidance and confidence you can count on—Nuance CDE provides clinically‑focused, evidence‑based guidelines and processes successfully used in more than 600 implementations with proven results. Guaranteed.

Nuance CDI ranks #1 by top research firms. Learn more.

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See how clinically‑driven CDI improves hospital care quality benchmarks to more than 3x the national average.

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Enhancing the quality of physician documentation

In this on-demand webinar, hear our expert panel—featuring RWJ Barnabas, UHS and Adventist— detail how CDI advancements can help engage physicians while expanding the efficiency and productivity of the CDI team.

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You are measured on the care you document, not the care you deliver

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Nuance CAPD

An automated extension of your CDI program, leveraging Nuance’s CLU engine to automatically suggest CDI clarifications to physicians in real time while they are concurrently documenting within their native EHR workflow, provides more complete physician documentation, higher staff productivity and improved physician satisfaction.

Nuance Quality and Risk Adjustment

With Nuance Quality and Risk Adjustment, physicians and coders can capture a broader picture of each patient’s chronic conditions, looking beyond the obvious to create a more coordinated, proactive, and compliant practice. In-workflow intelligence delivers context-aware, personalized clinical guidance at the point of decision making. This approach ultimately leads to better planning, treatment, and patient care, as well as appropriate reimbursement.

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Nuance will help your organization quickly generate substantial revenue and operating savings by ensuring your clinical documentation chain is accurate, sound and fully adopted by physicians.

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