Nuance Quality Measures

Fast, accurate, and easy patient data capture

A web-based module that demonstrates how you provide quality care

Improve reimbursement and evaluate quality care with Clintegrity Quality Measures. Clintegrity Quality Measures enables fast, accurate, and easy capture of patient data required by the Joint Commission, Hospital Quality Alliance, and CMS to receive accreditation and full Medicare annual payment updates. With regulatory agencies emphasizing clinical outcomes and evidenced-based medicine, you need a tool that can demonstrate how you provide quality care. Meet that challenge with the web-based Clintegrity Quality Measures module that identifies and evaluates abstracted patient data needed for core measure requirements.

A Trusted Long Term Partner: Capture and Transmit all CORE and Quality Measures to The Joint Commission

Clintegrity Quality Measures is a core measure abstracting and transmission tool that supports accreditation and full Medicare annual payment updates with powerful web-based decision-support that enable fast, accurate, and easy capture of patient data required by the Joint Commission, Hospital Quality Alliance, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. With Clintegrity Quality Measures, hospitals can analyze overall core measure performance.


Clintegrity Quality Measures is an easy-to-use, Web-based, turn-key solution which requires minimal IT support. With a customizable automated approach for data submission, the turnaround time for analyzing your quality measure performance is decreased.

  • Enabling concurrent abstractions
  • Integrating clinical and administrative data for abstraction
  • Identifying missing data in real-time
  • Identifying and correcting errors prior to submission

Clintegrity Quality Measures uses an innovative process to update measures so you will be ready well in advance of required submission dates.



Clintegrity Quality Measures through the use of automation and intuitive system architecture, empowers you to maximize your resources enabling them to focus on improving patient care and outcomes, not struggling with data.

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