Clintegrity File Manager

Safe, secure, simple and convenient records access

An enterprise-wide, single platform document management solution

Clintegrity File Manager is a non-patient specific document management solution that enables healthcare organizations to manage, process and securely store business information in one convenient electronic repository. Clintegrity File Manager provides secure, efficient access to enterprise-wide data that will help eliminate lost or misfiled records, reclaim valuable storage space and reduce costs associated with handling paper records.

Manage and track documents and reports throughout the healthcare facility

An enterprise-wide single platform solution, Clintegrity File Manager makes it easier to manage and track documents and reports throughout the healthcare facility. Administrative costs are minimized as the need to print and store reports is reduced. Staff productivity increases as multiple users simultaneously access clinical, financial and/or personnel records.

  • Includes scanning and electronic data importing.
  • Audits are simplified. From handwritten notes to clinical and financial information, all documentation can be accessed from a single, web-based portal. Healthcare facilities no longer need to assemble lengthy paper reports; auditors just need computer access.

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