Clintegrity Records Management

Accelerate your processes

A centralized, secure, web-based patient records platform

Meet your record management challenges

Benefits include:

  • Improves staff efficiency and reduces response times
  • Streamlines release of information
  • Improves patient record location tracking
  • Facilitates Service Performance Analysis
  • Ensures Joint Commission and other compliance standards
  • Facilitates HIPAA Accounting of Disclosures

A comprehensive solution

Clintegrity Chart Completion

  • Improve communication and issue resolution. Sophisticated management tools facilitate communication between your medical staff and other internal clients regarding the status of incomplete records. And your staff can easily track how long each step in the chart-completion process takes for each provider—paving the way for future process improvements.
  • Ensure Joint Commission and other compliance standards. Powerful tools for concurrent and retrospective record analysis improve compliance with Joint Commission and other regulatory standards by facilitating the timely completion and tracking of patient records within a single facility or throughout the enterprise.
  • Increase staff productivity. Clintegrity Chart Completion can create, update and complete documentation deficiencies automatically, requiring little or no staff intervention.

Clintegrity Chart Locator

  • Improve patient record location tracking. Track and manage record reservations with ease—whether for an ad-hoc request or for a specific patient appointment. Also, benefit from proactive notification of pending reservations and always know the required return date for records.
  • Streamline record check-in, check-out and re-filing. Designate an unlimited number of record check-out locations that work best for you, and easily check-out and check-in records in bulk when necessary. And when it's time to check the chart back in, your staff will know exactly where to re-file it.
  • Improve risk management. Ensure patient confidentiality by flagging sensitive records, and avoid misplacing records by easily identifying the records that are due to be returned soon.
  • Facilitate service performance analysis. Reliable, centralized record tracking enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your release-of-information process and make future adjustments.

Clintegrity Correspondence Management

  • Improve staff efficiency and reduce response times. A flexible reporting interface, summary statistics and aging information for all outstanding requests and invoices enable staff to efficiently manage operations and accounts receivables.
  • Streamline release of information. Eliminate duplicate data entries via auto-correction functionality and enable your HIM department to internalize release of information (ROI) functions and generate revenue.
  • Facilitate HIPAA accounting. Easily consolidate your HIPAA Accounting of Disclosures via our centralized enterprise-wide disclosure management solution.
  • Minimize staff training and retraining costs. Because of its intuitive workflow and tight integration with the Clintegrity platform, Clintegrity Correspondence Management eases the learning curve for your staff.


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