Conversational and ambient AI

Discover conversational and ambient AI

Explore how Dragon Medical One and Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) are revolutionizing clinical documentation. Together, these AI‑powered solutions support clinicians across all their documentation needs—from pre‑charting  through post‑encounter.

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Nuance DAX

A new approach to today’s challenges

Automatically document patient encounters accurately and efficiently at the point of care. For use in office and telehealth settings, explore how Nuance DAX enhances the quality of care and patient experience, increases clinician efficiency and satisfaction, and improves financial outcomes.

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Dragon Medical One

Document complete patient care—anytime, anywhere

Empower clinicians to capture the complete patient story with Dragon Medical One. Explore how next‑level voice capabilities aid, assist, and advise documentation workflows through a flexible and modern architecture with remarkable responsiveness and resiliency.

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