Dragon Medical Certified EHRs

Dragon Medical Certified EHRs icon logoAlthough Dragon Medical works instantly alongside most windows-based EHRs, Nuance has developed the Dragon Medical EHR Certification Program to facilitate collaboration between Nuance and EHR vendors in order to optimize the EHR experience of end-users.

The Dragon Medical EHR Certification Program is designed to ensure seamless Dragon Medical workflow with EHRs. Testing within each EHR focuses on how a provider would ultimately use Dragon Medical within the physician documentation portion of a given application.

The main goal of the Program is to optimize the EHR experience of end-users by testing the following core competencies within each EHR:

  • Dictation in EHR/EMR
  • Correction in EHR/EMR
  • Audio preservation
  • Navigation throughout text-based fields
  • Native Dragon Medical edit box support
  • Copy and paste support
  • Formatting support
  • Input control
  • Hidden dictation mode support

Dragon Medical Certified Vendors: Nuance-Vendor Joint Evaluation

Nuance-Vendor Joint Evaluation: The highest level of distinction attainable with Nuance, each vendor participated in a half-day testing event during which they collaborated with Nuance engineers to further test Dragon Medical within their EHR. Successfully completing the Nuance-Vendor Joint Evaluation guarantees an optimal clinician experience using speech recognition. Vendors in this category recognize the value in ensuring that speech recognition is a standard part of their documentation workflow. Each vendor received a minimum score on the joint evaluation in order to be deemed: “Dragon Medical Certified” by Nuance.