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As the healthcare environment evolves, so does the role of imaging. The shift to value-based models means you need to play a more active role within the patient care circle—and keep a more watchful eye on outcomes. With mPower™, innovated by Montage, in your Imaging 3.0™ toolkit, your team will have access to actionable insights that can help you optimize radiology performance, reduce costs, and increase revenues—all while enhancing patient care.

Our NLP-driven, cloud-based platform will deliver meaningful analytics that you can use to profile your performance across relevant metrics. This information will help drive initiatives that make a real difference in your clinical and business outcomes.


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Harnessing the power of AI to transform radiology reporting

PowerScribe One is the next generation of the industry’s most widely used and trusted radiology reporting platform.  It transforms radiology reporting with AI-driven workflows, making AI useful and usable for improving disease detection, diagnosis, follow-up, and treatment.  AI-powered tools extract structured data from narrative reports and drive intelligent data exchange to harmonize the applications radiologists use every day.  Most of all, PowerScribe One delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, giving radiologists more time to focus on what matters most—the care teams and patients they serve. 

Real-time radiology reporting solution

The industry’s most trusted and widely used real-time radiology reporting solution, PowerScribe 360 Reporting, enables quick, efficient generation of high-quality reports to maximize productivity, optimize billing and reimbursements, increase referring physician satisfaction and improve quality of patient care. Proven speech recognition technology combined with structured yet flexible and personalized dynamic reporting supports rapid turnaround times and ensures reports are accurate, consistent and actionable. mPower Clinical Analytics looks to PowerScribe 360 Reporting as a source of valuable data for a single—more holistic—approach to clinical documentation, optimized workflows and quality outcomes.

Closed-loop communication of critical findings

PowerConnect Actionable Findings integrates with mPower Clinical Analytics to send communications for pending or overdue recommendations for follow-up care. This helps minimize the possibility of recommendations for follow-up care being forgotten or “falling through the cracks” and possible medicolegal risk while allowing radiology to participate in the total patient care cycle and provide value beyond the initial diagnostic read.

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