PowerScribe 360 | Mobile Radiologist

Voice-enabled Content Access and Report Editing and Sign Off

PowerScribe 360 | Mobile Radiologist

Mobile recorder for the iPhone

Voice-enabled Content Access and Report Editing and Sign Off

With PowerScribe 360 | Mobile Radiologist, medical imaging professionals can use their smartphones or tablets to search radiology-specific content to assist with a diagnosis and to securely sign reports in PowerScribe 360 | Reporting.

PowerScribe 360 | Mobile Radiologist delivers:

  • Radiologist convenience and satisfaction
  • Better access to clinical content from mobile devices
  • Improved documentation TAT with anytime, anywhere report editing and signature

Assisted Diagnosis

With Assisted Diagnosis, radiologists can quickly access radiology-specific reference materials using their voice. Radiologists can look up medical terminology, find similar cases, access the latest medical research, and read top news stories in imaging.

Radiologists simply speak their search queries and get simultaneous results from a variety of top websites and medical content sources including:

  • NLM PubMed
  • MedPix® Images
  • Yottalook™
  • AuntMinnie
  • Google Books (Radiology, Imaging, and DDx reference literature)

PowerScribe 360 | Reporting Sign Queue

PowerScribe 360 | Mobile Radiologist provides authorized users with secure access to their PowerScribe 360 | Reporting signature queue. Radiologists can easily view, edit, and securely sign off reports from the convenience of their mobile devices. Users can also launch Assisted Diagnosis from any term or phrase in a report.

In order to use the Sign Queue, your organization needs to license PowerScribe 360 | Mobile Radiologist with
PowerScribe 360 | Reporting version 1.1 or higher. If you are unsure whether you can use this feature, please contact your system administrator.

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PowerScribe 360 | Mobile Radiologist is a free download from the iTunes® App Store and is available here.

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