Dragon Medical 360 | Desktop Recorder

PC-Based Dictation for Background Speech recognition

Dragon Medical 360 | Desktop Recorder  

Dragon Medical 360 | Desktop Recorder allows clinicians to dictate directly into a PC. Dragon Medical 360 | Desktop Recorder is configurable to match the unique needs of many different dictation.

PC-Based Dictation

Simplify clinician workflows by enabling them to dictate from the same PCs they regularly use at your healthcare organization. Clinicians can use a variety of dictation input devices to best match their needs including USB microphones, Bluetooth headsets, and goose neck microphones. Recorded dictations are then sent to background speech recognition and editing with a button click.

Pathology Department

Dragon Medical 360 | Desktop Recorder can be configured to a hands free dictation mode to support pathology dictation. Pathologists use a Bluetooth headset or a goose neck microphone with a pathology foot pedal while performing gross exams. The application includes a full screen mode to provide constant visual feedback on the dictation process. In the office, pathologists can use a USB microphone with full dictation controls.

HIM Workstation

Dragon Medical 360 | Desktop Recorder can be configured as a general purpose dictation station. Clinicians can dictate with a USB microphone while referencing clinical applications on the same PC. The dictation bar view provides essential dictation feedback without interfering with clinical application viewing.