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The faster clinicians can tell their patient narratives, the sooner they can get back to care and go home on time. We help clinicians dictate on their terms with highly accurate, flexible, and intuitive tools. From there, we enable medical transcriptionists (MTs) to produce complete documents in hours. In fact, Nuance Transcription Platforms typically double MT productivity. Meanwhile, administrative staff have visibility into the entire transcription workflow—from dictation to document distribution.


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Easy-to-use mobile applications amp up the efficiency of dictation, improve content and free clinicians to spend more time and attention on patient care. Improve documentation speed, reduce documentation costs and work the way that best meets the workload demands of the specialty clinic.

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Whether you work at a large IDN or hospital, a smaller regional hospital, or an ambulatory organization, we have everything your clinicians need to quickly and efficiently capture the patient story.

Dragon Medical eScription

Get the industry’s most widely recognized, enterprise-wide platform for clinical documentation that integrates with all major EHR systems. Our intelligent speech recognition software turns clinician dictations into formatted draft documents that MTs quickly review and edit—often reducing turnaround time from days to hours and doubling productivity as compared to manual, labor-intensive medical transcription.

Clinicians benefit from more time with patients while your organization at large can save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars each year. And with our administrative console, you’ll have complete visibility into the entire transcription workflow from dictation through transcription/editing, electronic signature, and document distribution.

Dragon Medical eScription RH

Dragon Medical eScription RH is a comprehensive, Web-based clinical documentation solution designed specifically for small and regional hospitals. Its automated, flexible workflow options simplify the documentation process.

Clinicians can accurately document entire patient encounters using a mobile device or via standard dictation methods, generating structured data that can be delivered to the EHR. And Dragon Medical eScription RH Mobile allows physicians to create accurate patient documentation while on the go. Meanwhile, the Dragon Medical eScription RH platform automatically associates and populates inpatient lists with dictation files, improving MT turnaround times and documentation accuracy.

Clinics and specialty practices need a documentation solution that lightens the physician’s load—not adds to it. Nuance ambulatory documentation solutions—designed specifically for the needs of the clinic environment—accelerate documenting the patient story and reduce documentation costs.

Clinic 360 Transcription

For ambulatory clinicians who prefer to work directly with an experienced team of Medical Transcription professionals, Clinic 360 Transcription provides clinicians with a mobile device to record detailed patient narratives, anytime, anywhere. Clinicians browse their patient schedules and capture, review, edit, and sign transcribed patient documentation. Personalized templates speed dictation while customized workflows automatically route dictation files to an experienced transcription team that ensures accurate, complete and timely documentation for automatic placement in the EHR.

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