Dragon Medical Network Edition

Talk about convenient. Talk about flexible. But most of all, talk about the patient.

Information is essential to the health of your patients and your organization. That’s why this leading front-end speech recognition solution is about increasing access to quality—while minimizing barriers. Dragon Medical Network Edition works seamlessly with your enterprise’s EHR. And it works the way you need it to: Consistently. Accurately. And pervasively.


Documentation in record time


You can now say fast, accurate, and secure in the same sentence


Get even more from your investment

Manage users in one place

This application allows administrators to manage all their users from a single, centrally located seat. Use it to create new users, schedule and run the profile optimizer, and upgrade all clients with each new release—all while substantially reducing the total cost of ownership.


Turn your smartphone into a wireless microphone

Give clinicians the freedom to roam from workstation to workstation, room to room, and location to location—completing clinical documentation using their smartphone as a secure wireless microphone.


Specialty templates, commands, and clinical calculators

It’s now faster and easier than ever for clinicians to add more specificity and context to their patient’s story. Dragon Medical PowerPack features hundreds of sub-specialty templates, voice activated search, and a host of intuitive tools that make clinicians more productive.


Next-generation computer-assisted clinical documentation

Dragon Medical Advisor analyzes physician notes in real time and suggests ways to make the narrative stronger and more specific. Use it to justify medical decisions, accelerate billing, increase CMI and improve ICD-10 coding compliance.


Choice Bundles

Reach for the cloud

Benefit from unlimited access to Nuance’s cloud-based and hosted Dragon Medical front-end speech solutions, including Nuance’s Transcription Platform to manage transcription volume. For a fixed fee, all parts of the dictated patient record are completed quickly and accurately.

If people aren’t talking to Dragon, they’re talking about it

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