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Technology has enabled dramatic advances in healthcare, but in some cases, speed and precision may have come at the expense of human interaction and empathy. We need to rehumanize healthcare and empower clinicians to improve the delivery of both treatment and care.

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Episode 1
Impacting patient care beyond the bedside with Christopher Thuer
Christopher Thuer, Manager of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) at Northside Hospital in the Atlanta, GA area shares how CDI is positively impacting staff and patients across healthcare.

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Episode 2
Understanding the whole patient story through CDI with David Newton and Michelle Brooks
David Newton, a Clinical Documentation Manager, and Michelle Brooks, a Corporate Director of Case Management in Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) at Baptist Health Care, discuss the importance of accurate and timely clinical documentation and how they have seen CDI transform hospital and patient outcomes.

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Episode 3
The Evolution of CDI to Advanced Practice with Mel Tully
Mel Tully, Vice President of Clinical Education and Services at Nuance, is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Clinical CDI Program and development of meaningful education for Nuance’s clients. Her career began as a Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist, and she eventually transitioned into the CDI field when she became an RN Consultant. In CDI, she discovered how her clinical expertise could add value and help hospitals and facilities improve their clinical documentation.

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Episode 4
Show your work with CDI with Kalena Britt
Kalena Britt, Director of CDI at Rochester Health, oversees and educates teams at five different facilities. In her role, she identifies trends and opportunities where educational strategies can improve CDI performance.

Her background of 26 years as a nurse led her to join the CDI field six years ago, and she has become a passionate advocate of CDI education since.

While everyone on her team is medically licensed, they have all had different bedside experiences. She wants to make sure that they are given enough guidance and education in various specialties for continued professional education. This not only benefits them professionally but also improves patient care.

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Episode 5
The impact of CDI on the patient story with Angie Curry
Angie Curry is a Client Services Manager at Nuance. Angie’s unique journey from RN to Nuance expert and board member of ACDIS has made her a passionate educator on how providers can work efficiently with Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) programs for improved accuracy in every aspect of care.

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Episode 6
How CDI helps you transition to value-based care with Anthony Oliva
Anthony Oliva, DO, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, shares how Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) makes it easier to treat patients, improve medical record accuracy, bring physicians and coders together, and what the future of healthcare technology looks like.

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