Nuance in Healthcare Podcasts: Episode 2

Understanding the whole patient story through CDI with David Newton and Michelle Brooks

Episode 2

Episode summary

CDI program performance

9:31 “Over the course of our program, we’ve seen our impact number go from 30% down to about 20-15% due to physicians documenting so well that we do not have to query on certain encounters.” - Michelle

CDI programs have an even deeper impact when all of the staff is on board. Michelle and David highlight how these leaders across departments play an important role in CDI implementation and performance.

  1. Expert CDI specialists who also act as cheerleaders as the staff gets accustomed to CDI practices.
  2. Physician advocates who encourage their peers to work with CDI.
  3. An administrative staff that is internally resourced and understands the culture of the hospital or facility as well as the financial and safety benefits of CDI.

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