Nuance in Healthcare Podcasts: Episode 3

The Evolution of CDI to Advanced Practice with Mel Tully

Episode 3

Episode summary

Advanced Practice CDI

Mel shares that most of Nuance’s clients have some sort of CDI program in place, with the efforts geared toward compliance and accurate accounting of resources for financial purposes. Nuance then looks for how to take that CDI to an advanced level so that hospitals and facilities can move from simply compliance and financial benefit to capturing an accurate clinical story. This next layer reflects the severity of illness which is crucial to patient safety and studies.

8:24 “Data is king now, you can’t do anything without a real robust data analytics of your documentation and your outcomes to be able to push that even further up the hierarchy of safe care and improving outcomes for patients.”

Mel highlights how small hospitals are closing because documentation of resources and patient stories are not accurate, which impacts their bottom line. This causes hardship for patients as they have to travel farther for care. This is where CDI can really make a difference in communities.

How best-in-class CDI transforms hospital and patient outcomes

Mel shares a story from early in her career when CDI’s main purpose was focused on helping hospitals receive accurate reimbursement and improve revenue. Despite this, she quickly saw that by improving their documentation for this purpose, they were also able to help the hospital hire a much-needed specialist, which in turn helped patients.

22:24 “Can we expand that excellence very effectively and successfully into the outpatient arena, into the surgical centers, into the oncology specialties, stand-alone hospitals, is it always going to span to our large academic facilities? That excellence should permeate no matter who the client is or what the facility is.”

Best-in-class CDI is about building on the facility’s current infrastructure and supporting the current staff with the resources and education they need. When this happens, accuracy, outcomes, and patient care are impacted.

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