Nuance in Healthcare Podcasts: Episode 4

Show your work with CDI with Kalena Britt

Episode 4

Episode summary

How CDI is evolving

In the future, Kalena hopes to see CDI implemented in more outpatient centers and see healthcare payment methods shift towards a pay for performance rather than pay for procedures model.

Kalena focuses and works closely with the billing departments at her facilities to see how much of revenue improvement and quality improvement can be attributed to CDI efforts. This is not easy, but with collaboration, this may help move the needle toward more accurate payment models that value quality.

She shares the example of one hospital that saw their mortality rate increase when CDI was implemented. This pointed to the staff’s documentation of the health of their patients. Once Kalena educated providers on how to capture more accurate documentation of their severity of illness, the hospital’s overall percentage improved.

19:19 “The mortality index is less than one and continues to decrease. And it’s really been about my CDI teams providing education to providers about why they’re getting queries and about why we need to have the most accurate clinical documentation.”

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