Nuance in Healthcare Podcasts: Episode 5

The impact of CDI on the patient story with Angie Curry

Episode 5

Episode summary

How CDI impacts hospitals and providers

A CDI program impacts a hospital financially because it allows them to be more efficient and bring more dollars in the door.

17:30 “But the other thing we’re starting to see now, which I think is a bigger focus of CDI in the current state is risk adjustment, mortality adjustment, quality indicators. So, there are so many other things that are impacting the reimbursement of the hospital or the ability of the hospital to keep their doors open that the world of documentation has almost evolved to be more complex.”

Physicians need to know how to communicate their patient’s status medically and clinically but also for billing and coding purposes. However, they are often never taught how the language they use in patient visits translates to the coding of the medical records.

This is where CDI can help. Determining what the level of understanding is with providers on how to communicate and use the correct words is crucial. The language a provider uses can impact how sick their patients appear on their medical records, the physician’s complication percentage, and other different performance indicators.

26:12 “The goal of every CDI department should be at the end of the day the most accurate medical record we can give the patient... If we all focus on that, at the end of the day, we’ll have less denials, less benchmarking we need to meet.”

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